I Think I Finally Found My Calling in Life

When I was in school, the only class that made me truly happy was my dance class. I took it as an elective because I had an interest in it. I had classes when I was a little girl, but it had never clicked with me the way it did when I was in high school. Now, as an adult, I found myself missing it quite often. I wondered if it would be possible to learn how to teach others, so I went online and I found out that there is online dance teacher course that you can take. Wow, I had no idea that I could learn how to do it online. But I wanted a change in my life, and I figured this would be a good start.

Regular classes bored me when I was in school. I did not do well in my math classes, and I barely passed them. I was not a fan of my gym class. Sports in general really bored me. And team sports are no fun at all to me. I do not like playing flag football or other types of things where I have to be aggressive. Dancing is beautiful, elegant and amazing to me. I love having a partner or many of them when I’m dancing. It’s very different, and it’s not aggressive in the least. It fits me well. I think they should offer that in place of gym class to students who like that sort of thing much better.

I signed up for the online course. I was pleased to see that I could afford the cost quite easily. It is much cheaper than having to travel to an institute to learn in person. I have been rushing home at night after work to sign into the website and watch all the videos and talk to the instructor. I actually have an empty room in my home that I’m using as my dance studio.