Learning How to Use a Kendama

When my cousin showed me a video of a few people using sweets kendamas, I have to say I was really impressed with everything that I saw. I had heard of this toy before. I think anyone who has any link to Japanese culture knows of these toys, even though they are not widely known here in the States yet. They are gaining in popularity though, which is why I was really excited to see just how far this hobby has come. When people look at the actual kendama, they might not fully understand just how amazing it is.

It looks like a wooden toy that just has some cups and a ball attached by a string. Well, it is that, but that is also just a very simplified way of saying what exactly it is. My father has told me that his father and grandfather both were experts in using a kendama, and my father was pretty good too. He has not held one in a very long time though, and he was pretty excited watching the videos that I saw too. He told me that people today have taken the art of using a kendama to a whole new level.

I think what he likes most is seeing how artistic it looks now. It is not just some boys trying to get the spike through the ball. It is some kids dancing, juggling and putting on a very good performance where the kendama is just a tool rather than the main focus. He also told me that he wants to get me my first kendama, and he ordered it for me off the same site where we were able to watch the videos. I am not nearly as good as the ones in the video are, but I am hoping to be one day soon!