My Son Needed Math Tutoring

When my son’s teacher called me at home to tell me that he was having trouble in his math class, I thought I would just spend some extra time with him on his homework. I had no idea that I would have forgotten more than I remembered, and I realized that it was like the blind teaching the blind. I knew that I had to do something though because I did not want him falling behind the other students. I thought about contacting a tuition agency to hire a tutor for him, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was the only solution to our problem.

I did not know the subject well enough anymore myself, and the teacher had two dozen other students to teach as well so she could not give him the specialized one on one time he needed to understand the materials. I looked at different tutors in the area, and I contacted an agency that is not far from us after looking over everything on their website. I may not know a lot about math myself, but I know how to pick out the right tutor for my son, and this company just felt right to me.

I was matched with a tutor for my son, and I included him in on the initial meeting. I knew that if there was not some kind of connection there, that it was not going to work out. However, when the two met, my son took an instant liking to his tutor. The two of them were able to work effectively together, and my son’s grades started improving that same week since he had a test within a few days of the tutor starting. She was able to explain it to him and give him the one on one attention that he needed, and it worked wonders!